Harvest Inn Membership

Self-contained travellers stay overnight at secure, beautiful locations;
support their Host by making a small purchase, and pay NO CAMP FEES!

As a member, explore the country’s most stunning locations and stay with top growers, producers, makers, and creators. Our Hosts share their properties and share their knowledge, passion, and products, providing an authentic, and immersive experience with unlimited overnight RV and caravan stays and NO CAMP FEES! 

Why become a member?

Local experiences
Experience the best that Australia has to offer by connecting with its top growers, producers, makers, and creators. Hosts invite you to share their space, passion, and products, providing you with a genuine and engaging experience.
Simple booking
Browse, plan & book your getaway all in one place. Using our simple booking platform, you’ll have the ability to research each destination, request your stay & communicate with the Host without ever leaving the app.
Supporting local
By exploring the Harvest Inn network and making a small purchase from your Host, you’ll be helping to sustain smaller Aussie businesses. And in return, you’ll enjoy a wonderfully unique travel experience with no camp fees.

How it works

Join Harvest Inn
Sign up for a yearly membership to unlock a world of travel opportunities. Members agree to comply with the Member Code of Conduct.
Book your getaway
Browse Host venues and book your overnight stay through our intuitive booking system.
Support your Host
Support local by making a minimum $25 purchase from your Host.
Enjoy the experience
Sit back, relax and take in everything your Host has to offer.

What kind of motorhome can I travel in?

To book a stay with Harvest Inn Hosts, Members must have access to a fully self-contained RV, caravan or motorhome – whether owned or rented. 

This means that it must have on-board amenities & waste tanks, cooking facilities, storage for general waste and the ability to power on-board appliances. Learn more about vehicle requirements in the FAQs below.

Members FAQs

To be eligible to book a stay with a Harvest Inn Host, you must ensure that your vehicle is fully self-contained. This means that your vehicle must:

  • Be lockable and secure;
  • Have onboard amenities for ablutions, including fixed waste tanks for storing greywater and sewage.  The dumping of greywater on Host properties is prohibited.
  • Porta Potti’s that remain inside the vehicle are acceptable.
  • Have onboard food preparation and cooking facilities;
  • Be capable of powering any onboard appliances, whitegoods and other auxiliary items; and
  • Have onboard storage for general rubbish and waste.

Additionally, no external structures may be erected, e.g. a clothesline or toilet tent. However, awnings attached to the vehicle are acceptable.

Check out our blog for simple tips on converting a van to be self-contained.

 Vehicle insurance

At the time of requesting a stay or extending any stay and at the time of each stay, you must have the following insurance policies in place:

  • Statutory compulsory third party insurance
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance in respect of your vehicle, which covers the costs associated with any damage to, or loss of, those Vehicles and any loss or damage caused by those Vehicles to any third party property
  • You must ensure that all premiums in connection with these insurance policies are paid up and that you do not do anything which may negate, limit or adversely affect the coverage of these insurance policies.

You must also warrant that your vehicle is safe, roadworthy and in good repair and condition.

Yes, there are many companies that provide RV and caravan rentals, you can search here. You must ensure that the rental vehicle is fully self-contained, please see “What type of vehicle can I travel in?” FAQ for more details.

No. For a overnight stay with a Harvest Inn Host, there are no camp fees for Members.

Over 30% of our Hosts are farms, museums and other attractions that are non-alcohol-related. However, most wineries, hotels and breweries have food, gifts, and other produce that you can purchase for yourself or as a gift. 

One of our driving principles is around supporting local businesses and giving back to our Hosts for allowing you to share in their unique experiences. Our Hosts are not caravan parks, they are active workplaces so it’s important that all Members and guests respect the work and customers of the hosts. Read Member Code of Conduct.

No. One of the requirements of booking a stay with a Harvest Inn Host is that your vehicle is fully self-contained and therefore does not need to be connected to electricity or water supplies.

Yes. As part of the Harvest Inn community, we request that all members make a purchase of at least $25 from their Host – whether for goods or services. One of our driving principles is around supporting local businesses and giving back to your Host for allowing you to share in their unique experiences. Please see the Member Code of Conduct.

Harvest Inn is an overnight program with stays lasting a maximum of 24 hours. At your Host’s invitation, they may offer to extend their hospitality beyond one night, but we discourage multiple night stays to avoid “wearing out our welcome”. Under no circumstances should a member make a request to stay additional nights. Any invitation can only come from the Host.

Our Hosts are not caravan parks, and they do not offer the services of these parks, like toilets, power and dumping stations. Further council regulations applying to caravans and RV stays vary enormously across the 75 Local Government areas where our hosts reside. To remain within these regulations across the country, we have limited stays to one night.

Harvest Inn does not seek to replace traditional camping areas. We want to expand the opportunities for caravan and RV travellers by being able to include some unique overnight stays within the traveller’s itinerary.

We ask that you contact your Host through the Harvest Inn platform to help them manage their bookings and gain access to your member details when coordinating your stay.

Yes, all Harvest Inn Hosts are required to have a standard 20 million dollar public liability insurance policy. However, our TOS also requires guests to submit their comprehensive vehicle insurance and registration details to protect both your assets and those of your host.

This varies amongst Hosts and is identified in each listing under the amenities. If a Host allows pets please ensure that it is leashed at all times and is not allowed to run free. Please remember to clean up after your furry little friend.

Our platform has a pet filter so you can search only for hosts that accept pets.

Your Host may have working animals and full respect needs to be provided in these environments. 

Each vehicle must be a Harvest Inn member and have their own approved overnight stay with a Host.

This varies amongst Hosts, please check with your host if there are any restrictions including hours of use and any other requirements.

To reduce the risk of starting a fire from your generator, please:

  • place the generator in an area clear of any combustible objects.
    ensure extension cords are rated for external use.
  • follow all manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation of your generator.
  • always be present whenever the generator is operating.
  • never use the generator on days of local fire ban.

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