The gift of Adventure with
a Harvest Inn membership

Overnight stays for RV’s at wineries, farm-gates and other interesting regional locations, without camp fees.
Overnight stays for RV’s at wineries, farm-gates and other interesting regional locations, without camp fees.
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Gift a 12 month Harvest Inn Membership

Have a friend or family member that loves  travel, good food, and magnificent natural landscapes? As a Harvest Inn member, they’ll gain access to some of Australia’s most beautiful wineries and other bespoke destinations with unlimited overnight RV and caravan stays with no camp fees!

How it works

Bespoke experiences
With exclusive access to some of Australia’s best hidden secrets, they’ll have the opportunity to explore magnificent destinations and bespoke host venues in a way that’s never been able to before.
Simple booking
Browse, plan & book a getaway all in one place. Using our simple booking platform, they’ll have the ability to research each destination, request a stay & communicate with the Host without ever leaving the platform.
Supporting local
By exploring the Harvest Inn network and making a small purchase from the Host, they’ll be helping to sustain smaller Aussie businesses. And in return, enjoy a wonderfully unique travel experience with no camp fees.

What do they need to become a member?

  1. A fully self-contained RV or Caravan.
  2. A love of supporting local businesses.
  3. Time for unique travel experiences with no camp fees.
  4. An amazing Friend or Family member like you!
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Harvest Inn Benefits

Access unique locations

Gain access to a huge network of unique venue stays. From wineries, breweries and distilleries, to museums, farms and wildlife sanctuaries and everything in between.

70+ hosts and growing daily

Access more than 60+ Host venues across Australia. Our Host network is constantly growing, with new venues being continually added to our network. 

Unlimited single-night stays

A Harvest Inn Membership allows Members unlimited single-night stays with our entire network of Hosts with no camp fees.

Australia Wide

Gain access to some of Australia’s most beautiful bespoke destinations, with Host locations across the whole country. Visit Hosts in capital cities, or get a taste of the country at regional venues.

What our members are saying about their stays

So lovely to be able to support small businesses after the years of Covid. Top quality service and the ability to stay safely after a few drinks.

Jill C

A quiet mid-week escape overnight was convenient and appreciated. We chatted with owner and staff who took us on a tour around animal enclosures (ducks, geese, turkeys and lamas).

Peter H

The parking area was large, level, off the main road, with recently cut grass as the ground base. The atmosphere in the hotel was warm and welcoming with a very impressive timber bar. Overall a very enjoyable stay.

Carina W

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