Member Code of Conduct

All Harvest Inn Members and guests must comply with our Member Code of Conduct, one of our driving principles is around supporting local businesses and giving back to our Hosts for allowing you to share in their unique experiences.

  1. All RV’s must be Self-contained.
    1. Your RV must have an interior toilet and built-in holding tanks for wastewater (no exterior tanks allowed). Porta-potties are acceptable but must be dumped offsite at designated dump points. You must have internal cooking facilities, and excluding attached awnings, no external structures of any kind can be erected.
  2. Upon arrival, please introduce yourself to your hosts.
  3. Please make a minimum purchase of $25 from your host as a thank you for them sharing their property with you.
  4. Requests to stay must be made through the Harvest Inn app.
    1. All requests are made via the app and not by any other forms, e.g. phoning or emailing property direct.
    2. Your membership relates to your vehicle; requests to stay are not allowed for additional vehicles.
  5. All reasonable/lawful requests made by your host must be followed.
  6. Park your vehicle in the area advised and respect any requests hosts might ask of you.
  7. Children must be supervised at all times.
    1. Our hosts comprise working farms, vineyards and Golf courses that may have restricted areas and heavy machinery in operation.
  8. Respect your host’s customers and maintain a low profile.
  9. Arrive during business hours.
    1. Your host might provide guidelines of hours to arrive in their welcome email, which you will receive in the days prior.
  10. Please be quiet at night.
  11. Fires must not be lit unless the host expressly states otherwise.
  12. Please do not request additional nights from our hosts. This experience is a single night stay as your host is not a campground.
  13. Please take photos, create great memories and share with other travellers on our socials.
  14. Please be gracious with reviews and consider discussing directly with your hosts any suggestions or areas of concern before publishing.


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