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Boost sales, expand your reach and encourage travel to your region while welcoming new friends to stay and play at your property. By becoming a part of our host network, you’ll connect with a community of travellers who spend millions while on the road. All you have to do is greet them when they arrive at your unique location for a night under the stars.

Why become a Harvest Inn Host?​

Generate additional sales
Use your idle assets to create additional sales with no extra work from you or your team. Whether you’ve got an available car park, a vacant block or other unoccupied space, we’ll help you maximise returns on the land you already have.
Promote your business at no cost
Achieve greater exposure for your business at no cost to you – ever. As a Harvest Inn host, we’ll showcase all the best parts about what you have to offer on your dedicated host page with constant promotion and $0 fees.
Put your community on the map
Help support your community as an ideal travel destination. Being a part of the Harvest Inn host network means more people will stop and shop in your area – particularly smaller rural towns where traffic can be sparse.
Enjoy the simplicity
Manage and control all aspects of your bookings in one place – no phone calls required. With a complete view of member details and the ability to automate confirmations, all you have to do is welcome your guests on the day.

How it works

Sign up as a host
Sign up for free and gain access to a network of guests ready to stay with you.
Confirm stays in app
Receive requests to stay, check suitability and confirm through the Harvest Inn app.
Enjoy additional purchases
During their stay with you, guests will make a purchase of at least $25 from your store.
Experience greater word of mouth
Showcase the best of what you have to offer & encourage guests to share their experience with friends.

What are my requirements as a host?

To become a Harvest Inn host, there are a few basic requirements we’ll need you to tick off. This ensures we’re able to offer the best possible experience for your guests when they come to stay. 

Learn more about requirements in the FAQs below.

● Public liability Insurance
● Safe access & parking for guest vehicles
● Goods or services to offer your guests

Host FAQs

Yes! One of our guiding principles is around creating a community that supports local businesses – and that includes our hosts – by making a purchase of available goods and services during member stays.

Harvest Inn is also launching a guest and host rating system, which enables you to rate your guest. This rating will then become important to our guests as other hosts use this to determine if they will accept a guests’ request to stay.

The place where guests will park their vehicles for overnight accommodation needs to be reasonably flat, level and free from obvious hazards and obstructions (including potholes, uncovered drainage or irrigation lines or trenches, collapsed trees and branches, stumps, livestock grids and exposed electrical cabling); and  to the best of your knowledge, able to be safely accessed by Guest vehicles (including two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive motor vehicles, campervans, recreational vehicles, caravans, trailer campers etc).

All hosts are required to have $20 million in public liability insurance and in some instances the host will need to contact their insurance broker to note on their policy a “change in activity”. This extension will allow you to have a guest van or two overnight and in most circumstances this minor alteration will result in no additional costs to your business. To assist the conversation with the broker, Harvest Inn has prepared a document you can provide. Download here.

No, Harvest Inn is an overnight stay in a self contained vehicle. Our Code of Conduct stipulates that guests are not to request an additional night. This avoids hosts having to constantly deal with additional requests and guests overstaying welcome. Hosts are more than welcome to extend an invitation to stay longer, however that is their choice, as they might to a family friend.

It is important to remember that guests are at your property at your invitation. Generally any disagreements that can not be reasonably resolved, would result in the property owner exercising their right to ask them to leave. Where a guest’s conduct is unacceptable, Harvest Inn has the right, as set out in our guest Terms of Service, to terminate membership.

To become a host, we will need to set up a host profile which requires signing up. However, it is important to note that it does not cost hosts anything to have a listing designed, built and promoted on the Harvest Inn Platform. Hosts are in complete control on who they accept to stay at their property and when. E.G you may elect to only have one guest vehicle every second Wednesday. Whatever your preferences, you retain control. 

No. All members of the platform have self-contained vans that must carry and capture all grey and black water, as well as onboard power and cooking facilities to participate.

No, you retain control on when you would like guests without having to offer a reason.

Yes! The hosts listing states vehicle size and limitations. Usually these will be determined by the area made available for parking, along with property access. However, there may be reason beyond these parameters for you electing to limit vehicle size. These vehicle limitations will be noted on your listing and guests with registered vehicles outside of these parameters will be unable to request a stay. 

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